The Danberry Company was founded in 1962 by a young Yale University graduate, Richard Glowacki. Prior to its founding, Dick was involved in a small insurance agency with the Danberry name. From its modest beginnings, the company began to grow and it quickly became a leader and innovator within the Toledo area real estate market.

Today's consumer and Realtor could not imagine doing business without instant access to MLS information. Dick and a few others brought the MLS into being and were later instrumental in bringing attention and support to the various fair housing laws that were being enacted. Danberry has been the industry innovator ever since.

Danberry's growth has been steady and consistent. In the early 1980s, Danberry became the #1 market share company in the region and has maintained their position as the market leader in each year since. A company slogan in the 1990s still applies today -- "A funny thing happened...by trying to become the best real estate company, we have become the biggest." Although some companies may have more offices and more agents, they don't help more buyers and sellers or sell more real estate. Danberry is consistently ranked as one of the top 200 real estate companies in the nation.

Today, Danberry has several hundred agents and serves both the NW Ohio and SE Michigan markets out of 7 convenient locations. It is a full-service firm satisfying the residential, commercial, industrial, rental, and investment needs of consumers. Its' relocation department can assist and coordinate moves throughout the world through its' affiliation with the Cartus Network, and the company has joint ventures that make the acquisition of title and homeowners insurance convenient and easy.

Recognizing the impact that technology would have on the real estate industry, Danberry became and early adopter of technology, and in 2004 made the strategic decision to go all-in and elect to divert hundreds of thousands of dollars away from print media and invest those funds in all things technological innovation. The wisdom of that decision has proven itself time and again. Not only has the Danberry website received local and statewide recognition, consumers vote every day by visiting the site more than 1 million times annually. More consumers visit the site than the visitors to Danberry's top 6 competitors combined.

Danberry recognizes that staying ahead of the technological curve requires more than employing a few techies. It has partnered with booj, a Colorado-based company specializing in real estate web design and complex development, to develop and deliver the best consumer experience that technology can provide. Booj represents more than 30 of the top real estate firms in the country and is a true partner to the firm, sharing a passion for a customer-centric business model providing the highest level of service. And yes, Danberry does employ a few techies to ensure that agents can learn to use the fantastic tools that are available to serve their clients.

Danberry's support is not only limited to tech assistance, however. Approximately 35 support staff serve Danberry agents and consumers. Danberry recognizes that agents can serve more consumers if it handles many elements of the process. The Leadership Team not only strategically guides the company but also provides invaluable assistance. Agents needing help with a transaction never have to wait long with more than a dozen managers available to assist them at any given time. Signs are installed and removed by professionals, and entering listings and chaperoning accepted offers is made easy through the use of dedicated listings and closing administrators. New agents have the benefit of a dedicated Director of Career Development in addition to the best real estate training in the industry.

Danberry is still locally owned and dedicated to supporting our community. The Danberry Treasure Chest has raised more than $700,000 and supported over 700 of the most needy kids and their families at the Toledo Children's Hospital, and is always seeking new ways to support worthy causes and events.

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